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Over 70% of Black Youth in the USA are Unemployed...

A very bleak outlook...
My math could be wrong, but it sure seems like Black youth unemployment is between 70 and 85 percent based on the stats provided?
The figures are based on an analysis of Census Bureau Current Population Survey data from June to August 2011 by Northeastern's Center for Labor Market Studies. They are supplemented with research from Christopher L. Smith and Daniel Aaronson, two Federal Reserve economists, as well as interviews with Labor Department economists and Challenger, Gray & Christmas, a national job placement firm.
selected excerpts only; read full article at link provided below...
More than seven in 10 US teens jobless in summer

Jun 12, 5:36 PM (ET)

Upper-income white teens are three times as likely to have summer jobs as poor black teens, sometimes capitalizing on their parents' social networks for help.

Economists say teens who aren't getting jobs are often those who could use them the most. Many are not moving on to more education.

"I have big concerns about this generation of young people," said Harry Holzer, labor economist and public policy professor at Georgetown University. He said the income gap between rich and poor is exacerbated when lower-income youths who are less likely to enroll in college are unable to get skills and training.

"For young high school graduates or dropouts, their early work experience is more closely tied to their success in the labor market," he said.

Andrew Sum, director of the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University, said better job pathways are needed for teens who don't attend four-year colleges, including paid internships for high school seniors and increased post-secondary training in technical institutes.

"We are truly in a labor market depression for teens," he said. "More than others, teens are frequently off the radar screens of the nation's and states' economic policymakers."


About 5.1 million, or just 29.6 percent, of 16-to-19 year olds were employed last summer. Adjusted for seasonal factors, the rate dips to 25.7 percent. In 1978, the share reached a peak of nearly 60 percent before waves of immigration brought in new low-skill workers. Teen employment remained generally above 50 percent until 2001, dropping sharply to fresh lows after each of the past two recessions.

Out of more than 3.5 million underutilized teens who languished in the job market last summer, 1.7 million were unemployed, nearly 700,000 worked fewer hours than desired and1.1 million wanted jobs but had given up looking. That 3.5 million represented a teenunderutilization rate of 44 percent, up from roughly 25 percent in 2000.

By race and income, blacks, Hispanics and teens in lower-income families were least likely to be employed in summer jobs. The figure was (14 percent employed) for African-American teens when their family income was less than $40,000 a year, compared to 44 percent of white teens with family income of $100,000-$150,000. Hispanics in families making less than $40,000 also faced difficulties (19 percent employed), while middle-class black teens with family income of $75,000-$100,000 did moderately better, at 28 percent employed.


Based on teen employment from January to April this year, also at historic lows, the share of teens working in jobs this summer is expected to show little if any improvement.

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Comment by Belton Bass on June 17, 2012 at 16:15


I'm glad we're on the same page;-). 

I can relate to your experience with your family.  As they say - "You can take a horse to water…" You followed your Mother’s example and your brother didn’t, is funny how life can be.  I always wonder how siblings can walk such opposite paths.

I agree we have to stay focused. The way I see things is you can focus on what is tearing us apart or we can focus on what's holding us together.  And I love that business and enterprise is what you’re focused on. This is what will hold us together, we've seen how enterprise positively affects communities around the world. In my opinion working together in small teams is a solution to this shift of business consciousness we are going through.  The old paradigm was based on competition and greed, that’s why it's crumbling. Now co-operation and integrity really matter.

The world has changed, most people feel it but I think only a few will have the vision to keep up.  My mission is simple and that is to Raise Myself To Help Mankind. That's what I promote on my Facebook page. Go on there and hit like you'll get my updates http://www.facebook.com/pages/BeltonBassLive/243130565797293 I share what inspires me and I feel will be of benefit to others.  My point is, if you uplift yourself then naturally everyone around you will be up lifted. Plus there is a serious business angle, as you can see from the free report you downloaded on my website.  

You work with young adults and they are the ones who will make thousands in this revolution. They are the ones who really understand social media.  Now with the right vehicle they can use it’s power to tap into the massive earning potential.  We have never been in a situation were it pays to be yourself. You can earn serious money by being real – that is what I show people.  When you leverage social media & you leverage e-commerce the results are mind blowing. That's the secret in the report.  It powerful.  We all use social media but the younger generation have the advantage as they have been bought up with it. This is why my concept is impacting the planet like it is.

I agree what you say when you have values, determination and that 'go-getter' mentality, all you need is to create a product/service of your own, or find good products/services to sell created by others. As you can see from the report you have that in abundance and all we have to do is expand the distribution channel in partnership with others needing an opportunity.

Let me know your thoughts – tell me what you like about the business concept and we’ll talk. 




Comment by Lazone Grays Jr on June 15, 2012 at 19:07

Don't Shoot... I'm just the messenger!

I personally believe that information should always be shared so that we don't lose focus on issues that matter. Talk is cheap and there is a world of opportunity for those educated and experienced to capture. The title 'is what it is' and I think it is more of an indicator of how the older Black generation fail our youth during the 'gravy train' years; rather than what some else can do for us now. 

As a nonprofit we work to instill enterprise in young adults. We got the only Game in town and it could get better by the year. As Harriet Tubman said "I could have freed more slaves if only they came to realize they were slaves".

If our young people are out their listlessly and looking for something, it is a prime example of the needs that we can address. We partner with for-profit businesses that provide our youth student the opportunity to earn commissions on, and we produce products and services as an agency that does the same. More on that at http://www.ussmallbizdirectory.com/ibsa/wordpress/

I read with interest young brutha your trek to becoming who you are, and your inspiration. Funny, 'Dallas' was a show common in our household too. So much so that my relatives still call me JR because I was the one who went to the private schools and was to somehow come back and lead the family to riches. But you can't lead those not willing to follow. I followed the path of our mother and went into business, they followed that path to be like the rest and get a job. My brother ended up in prison for 20+ years and was killed shortly after he got out. A majority of the rest have no savings; even after working on and off for over 2 decades. Their retirements will be something, but pretty meager considering the continual rise in prices for food, residence, medical, petrol, etc...

Enough years have passed that I've come to think we should focus on doing what others that become successful do. Create jobs for family, friends and strangers. Our model is to instruct young, enterprising minds on the benefits and value of residual, commissioned and leveraged income. Teaching how to make money in a buy, sell, trade society using on and offline means of operating.

For going on 19 years I hope I have lived as example of what one can achieve in business if they get their focus and stay within the confines of good values and a determined spirit. When you have values, determination and that 'go-getter' mentality, all you need is to create a product/service of your own, or find good products/services to sell created by others. At this time we are looking to expand and work in partnership with other nonprofits so that we can reach more Black youth needing opportunity. 

Nice blog and look forward to reading your report.



Comment by Belton Bass on June 15, 2012 at 18:14

...Why in 2012 are we still high-lighting the negatives?  What’s going on? We know the problems, I think it’s time to talk about solutions. Would you agree?

Have you heard of 'The Pygmalion Effect'? If not, check out in Google/Wiki.  It's no secret.  

In simple terms “Call someone a dog long enough they will start to bark”.  

Are you with me...I don't know if you put your title out there to be provocative to attract readers (which is cool) or if you genuinely where not aware of what's going down.

The challenge is on, most of us can see that.  Obviously I'm not saying it’s a bed of roses out there cause it's not, however I feel we can choose our words carefully.  Words have power.  We must watch what we focus our attention on. As individuals does it not make sense to take responsibly for what we put out? Then we can work together as a community to focus on what we want.   

I see what's happening out there as a great thing.  ‘IF’ you can see the opportunities.  Fortunes are made in recessive markets.  Why? Because people are forced to look at alternative ways to make money. The entrepreneurial minds are going to be the ones who will make it. And Black Youth are some off the most entrepreneurial thinkers on the planet!  We just need the right business vehicle.

In my business I’ve travelled to different places and witness people in the 'poorest' countries take an opportunity and literately run with it.  These people have stopped focusing on jobs and opened their minds to opportunity.  They want to be self-sufficient.

I've seen young people Uganda queuing to get an opportunity to start their own e-commerce business.  I've seen similar thing in Asia.  However in my experience I’ve not seen the same level of urgency for a business opportunity in the US or UK.  The want for change is there but the energy to follow through is not the same.  I don’t know why that is.

However I do know that once your eyes are opened, business opportunity are everywhere.  All you require is the right mindset and the willingness to put in hard work. It's no secret.

It boils down to the old saying..."you can either be part of the problem or you can be part of the solution...you can't be both" 

I have a solution. I’d like to know what you think.  Go to my website www.BeltonBass.com leave your email and I will send you a Free Report I will share some powerful information with you of how to start a e-commerce business. It breaks down what’s possible.  

It’s time we took back control…have a read and let me know your thoughts.



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