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New Book Release - The journey of pa-tempta

Greetings One and All

I trust the New Year finds you well.

Please allow me to take this opportunity to introduce you to my new book release.

Title: The journey of pa-tempta: The supreme and collective consciousness of the True-SELF

Available online at http://www.tamarehouse.com/…/the-journey-of-pa-temp…/6604151

As for humanity as a whole never has there been a time ripe enough, such that the forces of nature would step in so to speak, to correct that which must be corrected. Along the journey of our planet Earth, we are entering a new age; the age of information, with new frontiers of discovery – which is also the age of Revolution of, and on, all levels of manifestation. In other words, it is time for us to renew our history.

The journey of pa-tempta is about the journey of consciousness and the events within the universal-cycles of the All Supreme Being manifesting as Almighty-Absolute-Eternal-Nature. The ancient nature-science of Noone ethereal-philosophy, has returned to the public domains on planet Earth as of the year 1962. And, the writer of this Book, Nebu Ka Ma'at, is one of the students of Nature and Universe Science empowered to help bring Truth, Justice, Order and Balance to all of humanity. This is known as the return of the Libra cycle; or the liberation cycle. The Forces of Nature, by way of the current universal-season, attracts the highest utopian energies from the Sun which in turn influences the resurrection of man and mankind toward a spiritual awakening and rapturing.

Thusly, by the reading of this Book, the student of Noone ethereal-philosophical-science; that is to say: the student of nature-science also known as universe-science, is taken along a retrospective but yet cyclical journey of life and existence. In parallel, the student is also encouraged to employ the highest mental-capacity available to humans known as Sound-Right-Reason; thereby emphasising the present values of Self-Realisation, God-Realisation and then moving forward in a context of blueprinting the future of man and mankind on planet Earth. This is known as Soul-Mastery. The planet Earth in general as well as the Solar System and our Galaxy are presently occurring along a cyclical and universally intended path of Revolution. Therefore, all forms of knowledge and historical records must be renewed. It is natural that from time to time, depending on the universal cycle in season, by nature, man and mankind must upgrade their spiritual-potency and mental-capacity in line with the journey of universal life and existence. This is the objective of this Book...

Available online at http://www.tamarehouse.com/…/the-journey-of-pa-temp…/6604151

Some of the Benefits of Reading this Book:
• Raises Mental Awareness through Sound-Right-Reason
• Contemplation Meditation Exercises for soul-healing
• Explains the Nature-Science of Origination & Evolution
• Makes clear the origins of All Peoples, Cultures and Nations
• Defines the four major ethereal-philosophies
• Sets the Record straight on world history
• Discusses the unity of Space-Matter-Time continuum
• Emphasizes the Power of Mental-Concentration
• Rites of Passage for Materializing one’s objectives
• and more…

Thank you sincerely

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