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New book release; 'Spirit-Osis, the Root Cause of All Modern Dis-ease"

Trouble in Paradise:


One In Eight Caribbean’s Are Diabetic!


“Black People Are 3 Times More Likely To Develop Diabetes Type 2” - Diabetes UK


Is Obesity The Culprit or Scapegoat?


Wholistic Nutritional Counselor; Khensu Hotep states, “Obesity is a symptom of emotional and spiritual disorder. We have a tendency to seek scapegoats that cannot solve the root cause. The solution is beyond the blame game”


Having served as a wholistic practitioner in Jamaica for five years. Khensu was inspired to write the book ‘Spirit-Osis, the Root Cause to All Modern Dis-ease’.


The book explains how––like the physical sheath––the emotional and spiritual members also go through similar states of disorder, inflammation, and cancer. He claims diabetes is an emotional dis-ease and quotes studies that prove sugar cravings stem from the ‘inability to give and receive love.’


The end is often visible in the beginning. Although the book does not focus on the inhumane components of Trans-Atlantic slavery (a well-documented area), “It focuses on the consequences of the same”; says radio show host–– ‘Dr. Hotep.’


His very popular Jamaican radio show (2013-2016) shocked the Jamaican public with a refreshing outlook on health. Informing listeners of the under-nutrition foods they crave, stem from a spiritual and emotional root. As a consequence, his ‘Melanin Clinic’ offices in Mandeville, Kingston, and Montego Bay flooded with clients––“ Whom, I remain indebted to for the experience”Khensu hastens to add.


“Diabetes is one of the easiest cases to reverse, providing the discipline is applied” 


The first chapter of the book addresses the term ‘Holistic’ and why he chose to make a distinction with his spelling ‘w-holistic.’ In the Holistic health arena, there are two main factors we boast, sets it apart from the mainstream health care systems.


  1. We not only treat symptoms, we treat the root cause
  2. We don’t treat the dis-ease––we treat the whole person.


Treating the whole person means all members of the individual (Spirit, Mind, Emotions, Physical). The proper application of Ethno-medicine would sufficiently meet the wholistic needs of the varying groups of people.

The current ‘Holistic health’ arena, as a whole––does not apply Ethno-medicine; therefore, fall short in aligning with the true definition of wholistic. 


Excerpt from Pylon Eight; ‘Ethno-Medicine, A Pillar Of Justice


Ethnomedicine, first and foremost, defines the word ‘health’ as it applies to each particular racial group (Melanin Content). This branch of medicine defines health according to the anatomical structure of that particular group. Taking into account the past and present condition of that group, ethnomedicine therefore greatly aids in the crucial preparation for their future.


The understanding of the word ‘health’ as defined herein, illustrates how the modern mainstream’s use of the term ‘health’ is not only inadequate but also intentionally misleading. The use of the word ‘health’ in reference to just the wellbeing of the body, such as weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, and temperature, demonstrates a prime example of non-w-holism. This reflects a partial view (and understanding) of humanity.


Ethno-medicine decrees that indigenous people use ONLY indigenous medicine. We know this also applies to food because the ancient African culture established the principle of “food is medicine and medicine is food.”


‘Spirit-Osis, the Root Cause Of All Modern Dis-Ease’


Regarding Diabetes; Pylon (chapter) five; ‘Emotional Roller Coaster,’explains:


The most accurate definition of Diabetes I have come across to date is given within African Holistic Health: “The body is unable to detect the available energy it has for use,” it is numb to it.


Diabetes is not just a condition of the pancreas or blood; it is a ‘hell’ of a bodily condition. The condition is a prime example of the discussion at hand. Promulgated by the spiritual displacement, the African lacks knowledge of self, and consequently love of self.


She or he attempts to medicate this horrendous void in life with JUNK, predominantly refined sugar, in the form of white rice, white flour, and starch. These substances convert to sugar quickly in the body, creating an acidosis condition that serves to erode bodily tissues at a fast pace.


Spirit-Osis, the Root Cause of All Modern Dis-ease


Pylon Three, also states:


Another question posed on our former weekly radio program is “are you able to provide the necessary and appropriate value to something if you know not what that thing is?” NO.


Hence the importance of not only addressing the lifestyle, yet also the root of the lifestyle, simply stated as the ‘root’ of the root-cause”.


Spirit-Osis, the Root Cause of All Modern Dis-ease


What this all amounts to is a case of self-love, the fourth pylon is dedicated to exploring the consequences of displacement and forced acculturation. Illustrating, by comparison––with other nations, who have experienced less severe forms of displacement––the impact this has, upon every facet of life.


Which is why, pylon eight––entitled ‘Ethno-Medicine, a Pillar of Justice’; shines the spotlight on the vital requirement for medical services, that address the unique conditions, existing in the varying groups of people.


Including client testimonies, the 404-page book addresses wholistic wellness in its true and proper relation to every facet of life.



Pylon one shares the true definition of the word health: 


When you analyze the word health from a biblical perspective, the primary Hebrew word used is the word ‘Salem’ or ‘Shalom,’ this word relates to Wholeness, Uninjured, of Good Omen, Holy, Sacred, Prosperity, Happiness, Welfare, Preservation, and Safety.


This is the true and ONLY definition of W-holistic Health. You were created by the Most High God/Creator, therefore, your standard of health has to be a Divine standard.




Fix in your mind:


The biblical definition of health as given above, and 

The factual statement; - “One cannot be sick and well at the same time”


Now that you have these two premises fixed in your mind, ask your self:




When one truly grasps the true meaning of ‘health’ as given herein, a very serious realization ensues. In order to enjoy true wellness or good health, one has to be free, content, at peace, safe, prosperous, happy, uninjured, of good omen, strong community welfare, vibrant economy, consume whole-foods, free from fear and doubt, utilizing all mental faculties and be completely aligned with self. These are basic divine principles, which we were all born with, regardless of race, creed or color. 


Spirit-Osis, the Root Cause of All Modern Dis-ease


Although the author does not subscribe to a particular religious persuasion, the reader will undoubtedly detect a strong sense of spirituality. In a humorously disclaiming tone, Khensu proclaims; “I seek not to generate a congregation, the only conversion intended, is one from ill-health to wholistic wellness”. 


Pylon two, ‘The Natural, Thus Divine Outpouring of God, sets the scene of a healthy mindset, drawing comparisons with ancient cultures that did not record cases of bodily suffocation, such as cancer. 


Pylons 3–6 focus on the problem. All having their own unique dynamic potency, pylon 6 defines ‘Spirit-Osis, Spirit-itis, and Sprit-Oma with controversial examples.


The Spirituality of it All


The word spirit simply means breath, therefore, spirituality is the expression of being one with that breath. To be one with your breath is to be one with the Creator through the ‘Outpouring of God. The definition of spirit given herein relates to one's reliance and/or dependence on nature for overall maintenance and sustenance. All other actions, duties, and responsibilities follow on from there. Excerpt from ‘Spirit-Osis, the Root Cause of All Modern Dis-ease.


One thing ‘Dr. Hotep’ made clear on his controversial radio program was: “A health system––without the presence of God––is no health system at all.


Referring to nature as the ‘Outpouring of God’ listeners––secretly enjoyed the ‘test of faith’ his ‘Naturally Wholistic’ radio show presented.


Pylon Nine––Inscription is the Pre-scription, emphasizes the value of this information, in deciding the next step on your journey towards wellness.


Pylon Ten ‘Know thyself, to Heal Thyself’ approaches this age-old axiom, from both a physical and spiritual perspective. Claiming that knowledge of self-begins with knowledge of your womb experiences.  


Excerpt from Pylon Five: ‘Emotional Roller Coaster:’


My Personal Emotional Laxative


Like most points addressed in this writing, the subject of emotional injury, or what we call emotional constipation, is very close to my heart. Over the last few years, I have diagnosed myself as suffering from emotional constipation. The injury is one incurred from whilst in the womb of my blessed mother, and my turbulent childhood.


Growing up as the ‘shy but cute’ boy, similar to the speech impediment called stammering; the condition of being shy or introvert was never explained. Our elders and health practitioners don’t provide reasons for these conditions. Being shy, stammering, having a short temper, emotional clingy, plus others are left unaddressed.


During my school days, I was known as a bit of a bully; I always felt a need to be on top, things had to go my way or no way. Secretly, I was that introvert child who had a fair amount of friends and associates, yet, not so socially intelligent. Even to this day, I’d much rather stand in the corner at a social event and socialize with one or two longtime friends, than to be moving around making new friends.


Fit and healthy muscles are required to lift a heavy chair, fridge or box of books. Likewise in order to share in heavy emotion, a fit and healthy neural network is required. The undeveloped neural network results in distorted, congested or constipated emotions; another description is ‘bunged up’. The inability to express affection, compassion, or remorse at the appropriate time can result in a distorted expression of emotions.


Spirit-Osis, the Root Cause of All Modern Dis-ease


Moving onto the final pylon (13). Entitled ‘Create A-Nu-Being’; based on the fact; “you are what you eat”––offers guidance on how to move from an undernutrition diet to safer eating habits. Then as a raw-food-ist himself, Khensu Hotep offers some basic raw food recipes. 


It’s accepted, that we all intend the very best for ourselves and loved ones, however, ignorance can be the primary obstruction in this endeavor. One who knows is not like one––who does not know. We, therefore, see this book as a must for every household, regardless of current health status, creed or color. 

Melanin Clinic

Tel: +44 7983 678 199

Email: naturallywhole@yahoo.com


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