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Discovering the truth about yourself can sometimes be a very scary thing because the lies lived are comfortable and rarely requires one to pull at the very core of who and why they are. For many, the lie has been lived for so long that it becomes the truth by mere belief in it, rather than a myth told by someone else to get you to buy into their idea of who you are.


Living the life that someone else dictates is not freedom. However, living the life that you were purposed to live turns the mess into a miracle and the realization of a magical journey waiting on you to take it. Whether your mask has been on for five, ten, fifteen or twenty  years,  you can take it off now and courageously be yourself. Don’t be afraid of what you believe others might see.


Often people see something from a distance and think that it is perfect. Yet even a high grade diamond has flaws. But, regardless of the flaws, a diamond is still a beautiful diamond that like any other precious gem or metal has gone through the fire; and because of that process the beauty that lies within is far more brilliant than what shines on the outside.


You are a unique and special treasure that perhaps very few may understand and to get to know you better would need to see you without the disguise. Only then can they truly see the miracle behind the mask. So no matter whom others say you are, I ask, "Who are you really?"


"If you look into your heart," as the song in sparkle says, "with a positive mind, take some inventory, of [yourself] and your glory, leave the bad things behind. Everybody's got a story about the love and the good things..."

Today, discover your truth and find your voice to tell your real life’s story. Be blessed and until next time...SMILE.

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Comment by Khensu I-Em-Hotep on November 29, 2018 at 15:58

Greetings Atiya (gift???)

Love your post, and will be connecting registering on your site, bless you.

If we are not living our truth, what else can be real after that?


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