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Everyday we are bombard by email, from friends, advertisers, our network associates, so how do we attract people to open our email that we are advertising our business. The problem is that most people are tired of advertising. Have you ever received that email that you thought was about one subject and then when you clicked it was a full page ad for some business. What did you do? Delete Right? How did you feel? Annoyed.

One of the first steps is to think like your prospects. What will be on their mind? What type of email would you like to read?

Email to people is like the mail box at home. People think of it as private. When you are invading their space with things like: "Hey, Look at my business" they are immediately turned off. Most people will not read the first word.

So, what do you do? Here are a few tips:

1. Have a compelling subject line. Most people will open a email if they feel that its personal. Make it also irresistible, that they want to open. Look at your own emails, which ones make you want to open them.

2. Identify who you are and establish rapport with the first sentence. For example: Hi, my name is John, I just came back from a great trip in Hawaii, it was great. (be a person not an ad)

3. Stick to the point, The special reason that I am contacting you....... Don't offer too many things, or give too many choices. Keep to the facts and guide them to where you want them to go.

4. Deliver a simple message. Not too long, most people attention span is very short, they are also short on time.

5. Provide value, demonstrate the benefit of your offer, Example: Use vitamin this will benefit you ........ or my product or service will benefit you..... People like to know what they can get out of what you are offering.

6. Call to action, tell them what to do, click here to receive this. Give them instruction on what to do next.

Email is still one of the greatest communication tools that we have on the internet, it helps us connected and to establish relationships. Building a business is building relationships. When you have mastered that you will have great success.

Gwendolyn Davis - Network Marketing Resource Specialist

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