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A short story with a mighty vision - written by Griot Chinyere

The Story Trail Blazer and the Free Spirit Crusaders

Once upon a time, today in London, there lives a nomadic storyteller who comes from a long line of storytellers. Ironically this nomad has been static for a very long time. Her name is Griot Chinyere. She once travelled in a mobile home between communities sharing stories and being a free spirit. Now she has been static for 18 years and her ancestors are unhappy. One night in her dreams they visit as a reminder. “The time is here to unifest the vision we gave you as a child. You must build a sacred geometrical structure and call it a storytelling retreat. But first you must seek an ancient story to guide your destiny. On your search you will encounter magic, wisdom and the healing ancient traditions of Afraka”.


Griot Chinyere wakes up scratching her head. She knows where she must construct the sacred geometric building. You see, November 2011, she was guided to a Chief, the heads of Kepko village and its community in Ghana by a young spirit guide named, Kweku. Griot Chinyere presented them with the idea of an eco friendly storytelling retreat, running on natural renewable energy. There were many days of conversations on the necessity to preserve the Afrakan heritage in the form of storytelling and to conserve Mother Earth through the use of renewable energy. They pour libation and harness the positive energies of the universe. All forces who need addressing are addressed. The Chief receives the message from a divine force, to donate 4 acres of land and Griot Chinyere is installed as their Queen Mother. They agree the planned storytelling retreat will be the keeper of ancient traditions in both the oral and written forms.


As Griot Chinyere cycles through the cold and icy roads, to her meditation spot in the Queens Park, she is conscious a dedicated team is required to help set a story trail blaze overland from England to Ghana; a trail that others with good intent will follow. A smile crosses her face as she considers the team name. “We will be called the free spirit crusaders”. A laugh jumps out of her mouth. It has a nice ring to it she feels. Griot Chinyere is sitting meditating, hidden from view, engulfed by the hanging branches of an antiquated sycamore tree. In the snow-laden flower garden, the vision is clear. The free spirit crusaders are travelling through Afraka having converted a 4-wheel drive box trucks, about 7.5 ton, into a fully furnished mobile home. Their conversion honours Mother Earth. It includes solar panels, windmill energy and a wood-burning stove.


This expedition, inspires, encourages and motivates respected celebrities to endorse the Story Trail Blazer and millions from the universal community support the project. There is much media attention and trusted household names invest.They set aside approximately 18 weeks to voyage 6,867 mile through 13 countries. This significant quest gives them unique exposure to communities and people of historical and social value. The day-to-day life of the team is transformed from ordinary to extraordinary. They acquire, prepare and eat unfamiliar foods, adapt to new customs, connect with Mother earth, share modern day tales, listen to & record time honoured legends, seek the wisdom of the indigenous, document the journey for international viewing and acclimatise to a new way of being.


There is a spiritual growth evolving from, the emotional, mental and physical challenges of this odyssey. Griot Chinyere shakes as she visualises the moment when the gift of the ancient story is given. Vibrations run up her spine and through her head. This is a rites of passage, a mystical, spellbinding definitive moment. The free spirit crusaders arrive in Ghana. The long awaited festivities begin. A colourful welcome ceremony of voices singing, bodies dancing and hands drumming is given. The Kepko community celebrate the safe return of their Queen mother. The community accept the gift with much gratitude.


After 3 days of marking this occasion, work begins on building the sacred geometrical structure. This ancient story lays the foundation for the storytelling retreat. It is a creative space attracting an international circle of storytellers. The sacred geometrical structure also attracts beautiful spirits who sojourner during the Solstice, to the Sesa Wo Suban Storytelling Festival. These eager ones go on a magical journey of the imagination as they enjoy Griot Chinyere and the Free Spirit Crusaders annual rendition of their trail Blazer from England to Ghana. Many divine beings fall in love with Ghana. A chosen few are gifted land in exchange for creating community projects promoting utopia, based on the preservation of Afrakan culture and the conservation of Mother earth! Some will repatriate, attracted by; the excellent lifestyle opportunities, the ability to further develop the stable infrastructure, and a chance to contribute to the growing economy. Others will return time and again to their favourite holiday destination.


The ancestors are happy. The prophecy is fulfilled. The Kepko community live happily inspired for eons, being a centre of magic, wisdom and the healing ancient traditions of Afraka. And Griot Chinyere is more than content passing on Afrakan stories to her children, her children’s children and all the children throughout the generations. At the end of the meditation Griot Chinyere gives thanks to the ancestors for the vision and with a humble bow to the tree, she exits to begin preparations.


IF WE CAN PERCIEVE IT WITH OUT IMAGINATIONS WE CAN ACHIEVE IT WITH OUR ACTIONS – Become a free spirit crusader and help raise £100,000 by 21st June 2013 for The Story Trail Blazer project. In the big scheme of things it is a drop in the ocean. This drop, will unifests the wondrous vision outlined in the story. The Kepko village will be elevated with the completion of the self-sustaining storytelling retreat. Free spirit crusaders will travel far and wide to participate in the workshops, classes and session promulgating the power of Afrakan storytelling and the conservation of our natural environment. Support the magic of this pilgrimage, invest in this enterprising vision and enhance the community spirit with a generous donation. For further information on how to contribute please visit website www.shanti-chi.com. We bless your heart & Give Thanks for joining The Story Trail Blazer and the free spirit crusaders!


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