Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Community Champions and Role Models • Create awareness via Events,Media Partners • Achieve success

Aims and Objectives

To drive social change and bring success to the heart of the community by encouraging enterprise of all forms for the benefit of the community throughout the United Kingdom, in particular but not exclusively by providing events, projects, advocacy, funding, promotion, marketing and other support services and advice to and for the Community Centres, Organisations and Businesses that actively work to benefit the community within the United Kingdom and beyond;

To promote and grow aspiring people by profiling and showcasing positive role models, promoting excellence in leadership and bringing financial, educational and entrepreneurial success to the Community encourage the development of young people of initiative and enterprise to enable them to develop their true potential as members of the community.

To rekindle methods and practices of traditional age old family values, support thecommunity spirit and drive social change in the community at large and in all subjects related thereto

To educate, motivate, inspire, inform and cater to our young people and senior citizens. Presenting the role model Leaders of today and identifying the role models of tomorrow. Encourage networking, capacity building, sharing of information and best practice

To create opportunities for members of the community to develop and succeed in business, education and employment. To influence the community to utilise under-represented businesses and community groups to ensure sustainability and growth.

To spread wealth and financial success throughout the community by getting the majority of businesses and consumers to support the under-represented businesses and actively channel their spending power to encourage economic growth in the community.

To economically enrich, empower and uplift the business community and to empower, benefit and provide support to religious and non-religious organisations that support the community; and To carry out any other trade, business or activity which is incidental or conducive to the preceding objects.