Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Community Champions and Role Models • Create awareness via Events,Media Partners • Achieve success

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We believe

We attract Community Centres nationally and supply the resources and opportunities to generate revenue, services and the initiative to promote, events, workshops, and social activities to Business and the Community.

We will provide the community and business with a full service entry into BUC’s portal presence, where the best people are available to create revenue, promote the services and opportunities together with the business connections, facilitations, joint venture partnerships offered by UK’s BME Enterprises.

We will act as a conduit between the UK’s Community Centres and BME Business and Social Enterprise Bodies across the UK, including a focus on the major ethnic Diasporas in UK and their countries of origin. We will support Community Centres in the UK to do business with UK BME Enterprises and the Community at large.

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Aims and Objectives

Building United Communities has a National Community and Business Development Programme, which is a programme of inclusion. There is an entry point for all members of our community to get involved. By joining our social network and talking to others you support our cause

Sign Up and get the benefits:Talk to our Community Champions, Leaders and Role Models Create your own group Advertise your own events Be a part of driving social change…see Member Benefits . We aim to create a culture which supports our community and our businesses and in so doing to bring about social change. This means developing public awareness and highlighting the issues. We will support our young-people in achieving their goals, whilst also reaching others with untapped potential, and supporting our elderly and bring about our aims and objectives.

We will

• Create a nationwide organisation of inclusion for Everyone

• Support the Community Champions who contribute without reward

• Align with private and public sector organisations

• Impact on the economic prosperity of the under-represented

• Drive social change by providing a vehicle that allows for the dissemination of information and being pro-active in our aims and objectives

• Be spirit driven and consciously aware networkers and connectors

• Not just talk about our ideas, we put them into action

• Take responsibility for what needs to be done and do not rely on others but welcome the support of all.

• Have the support of people who can help and their contribution is one which we seek to magnify and pass on to others

• Appreciate where we are in our own lives and the lives of others. Failure is not an option.

Corporate and media support

Building United Communities works closely with both business and media on specific elements of the National Community and Business Development Programme. Partners include g.a.p (growing aspiring people), The Black Pound Ltd. Faith United, Black Connections, BizTalk, World Lynx Ltd, Up For Biz, Black Business Directory, Global Life & Environmental Builders Organisation (GLEBO) Ltd, these are a few of the organisations that have signed up to support us with resources and in some cases, a percentage of the profits will be donated to BUC in support of our aims and objectives.

Community Champions Leaders and Role Models:

Building United Communities Ltd is backed by a range of Community Champions Leaders and Role Models from the public arena and the business world. There are thousands of community organisations and individuals, who are proactive in delivering for the community. We support and thank them for the work and commitment that they have shown. We highlight the work they do and the inspiration that they give to others. There are some awesome stories to be told about what these individuals have achieved.

Why do we need to drive social change?

• Social change will provide self-determination and support of community champions and leaders. It creates community identified solutions, empowerment, understanding in dealing with the causes of problems and oppressions. Addressing the immediate needs identified by the local community.

• Social change strategies depend on the people's self-determination and empowerment, community champions and leaders, their development and support. BUC continues to be guided by people grounded in the communities.

BUC's Definition of Social Change

BUC defines social change as the movement of the community toward the establishment of environmental, economic, and social justice and the redistribution of wealth, power, and resources as indicated by evidence of

• Organizing and action led by the community working to control their own lives

• Creating awareness in the communities about Oppression and Injustice

• Eliminating barriers to full participation in society (i.e. racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, ageism, and exclusion from decision-making processes)

• Focusing on efforts to change cultural, social, political, and economic systems and institutions that create, accommodate, and perpetuate social injustice

• Creating and modelling democratic cultural, social, political, and economic systems

• Connecting local issues with national and global concerns; and

• Networking, collaborating, and cooperating with other change agents working toward similar goals.