Mar 1, 2022
I hope everyone is well. Thank you for welcoming me and our organisation to this network. A little about what we have been up to: As you may or not know a JR permission hearing are usually allocated half an hour. On Thursday last week Anthony Brown's hearing was allocated 2 hours but the hearing went on all day. That for me also is a great sign. We will have to wait for the judges' decision. We don't know how long?

All the issues were aired on the Windrush Scheme and the Windrush Compensation scheme being not fit for purpose.

Attached is an article by a supporter that has been written. #ThewindrushAct at the oral hearing.

Encouraged by Anthony Brown's "fire at will" command we have added it to our new website, at (still being updated)

You're welcome to share and any more information required, please contact Roland Houslin for the team on the email below:

Thank you
The Windrush Act - Judicial Review
On Thursday 24th February 2022 I witnessed history being made. Anthony Brown's request for a judicial review was heard. What was he asking for? It'…

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