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MEDIA UNITED at is a developing BUC resource. Can you add to any of the following?

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  • Thank you Mr Andrew Green for giving me the opportunity to become a member of this amazing platform. May the powers from the heavens be your shining light & guiding star.

    Many thanks

    DJ Stamina.

  • Thanks for the add.  Much appreciated

  • Thank you for the warm welcome!

  • Does anyone know anything about an event called Black girls in business happening next week, ie times venue speakers??
  • To Andrew Green and Paulette West MBE

    Event on Wednesday 8th April 2009

    Congratulate to you both on another success event, where you have bought people from all over to Share their experiences and their success to all. Where there is so much negative issues going around. You have both succeed in proving that there is good out there.
    Congratulate on all who have made this event successful.

    From Charmaine a devoted BUC member
  • Thank you, its a great opportunity to network with like-minded people, looking forward to making some ground breaking connections. "if you associate with turkeys you will never fly with eagles" this is a stepping stone to flying with the eagles!
  • hi and thanks for the add...
  • Thanks for your interest and time. I look forward to having an outstanding relationship with your organization.
    Warm regards.
  • Hi Rachel
    I will be sure to call you and thanks for the opportunity.
    We United
  • Hi

    Many thanks. If you could call me on 020 7430 8027 or email me at I could set up a meeting with Polly Harrar who is heading up our ethnic minority campaign. It would also be good to talk to you about Global Entreprenuership Week 2008 - 74 countries have already signed up to help find sustainable solutions to global isses such as poverty and climate change and it's a great way to connect young people all over the world

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