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MEDIA UNITED at is a developing BUC resource. Can you add to any of the following?

Veronica Broomes found Executive Solutions (Training) Ltd and three years on, after operating as Executive Solutions (UK), Veronica and her Associates delivery training to a broad cross-section of staff of small businesses, interview skills training for secondary school students. When not training or working on market research Veronica enjoys going to the theatre and entertaining.

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  • Dear Veronica,

    Just wishing you a Happy Mothers Day! Enjoy the weekend.

  • Hi Veronica, I hope you had a great weekend? I will see if anyone within my sphere/network would like to take advantage of the great deal you're offering. It's more than affordable. And thanks for telling me about Twitter. I have heard the name or phrase before but I don't really know what it is!!! I'll "Google" it and see if I can join you there. I learn something new every day. Have a prosperous week.

  • Thanks Samuel, preparations are well on the way. We do have space for another six participants and are offering a special price of £170 (saving of £130) for businesses with less than 5 staff and owned by women. So, please feel free to spread the word.

    Best wishes to you too for an enjoyable weekend!


    PS. Why not join me on Twitter? My Twitter name is: VeronicaBr
  • Dear Veronica,
    How are you? I trust that preparations are in top gear for the March 17 workshop. I pray for the bountiful success of the event. It will go well. Take care and enjoy the weekend.
  • Hello Veronica,
    I like the idea of the March 17 workshop. When we look at the number of new businesses opening daily with the number of companies failing daily (due to financial errors & lack of knowledge), your workshop is one that is very much needed! I'll share the info with as many as possible.
    By visiting our online office,, you can acquire your tickets. Being a global event (considering time-difference), the LIVE Simulcast shall commence at 1400 GMT on Friday, 8th May. With a couple of days left to get the lower-price ticket for your event, should I disclose an extension or just leave it as Feb. 15?
  • Hi Veronica,
    Since I am fairly new to the BUC network, I was reviewing some of the profiles of friends and I came across yours. I noticed that one of the areas you specialise in is leadership training. Would you know of anyone who might be interested in attending a LIVE Simulcast of Maximum Impact 2009? Maximum Impact is probably one of the world's leading Leadership Events and we'll be hosting a simulcast on May 8 at the Gorsvenor House, Park Lane . A video preview is available on my profile page. Kindly let me know your thoughts.
  • Thank you for the Welcome Paulette and Bonnie.

    It will be great to touch base Paulette to find out more about your other businesses. As mentioned when we spoke, I am keen to link up with secondary schools, including sixth form colleges in London to provide training in interview skills and CV preparation.

    Speak again soon.

  • Hi Veronica,
    Welcome to BUC. Hope everything is fine with your business. If you like or interested or know of someone would like to get traffic & exposure to the sites or maybe an income opportunity welcome to visit at and

    All the best,
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  • Hi Veronica,
    Welcome to BUC. I am very happy to have your presence on this networking site.
    Please feel free to upload pictures, videos, blogs, create discussions, add events, share information and knowledge, network and connect with likeminded individuals.
    I am very interested in your organisation and what you deliver, there appears to be some synergy between your organisation and a couple of mine.
    It would be great to touch base, even if via an e-mail -
    Keep in touch and have a wonderful and blessed day.
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