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MEDIA UNITED at is a developing BUC resource. Can you add to any of the following?

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  • Hello Tola, I'm available now so let's book a meeting to discuss. Speak to you soon. Mx
  • Hello Tola,
    Thanks, I thought I was slowing down and now i have heard my channel are looking for some for more female focused TV shows with Sponsors. Back on the treadmill. Let's catch up soon.
    Kind Regards Michelle
  • Hello friend. this is an advance of my album titled "Alien" This single is called Black Man. follow the below link, to the 7th page, then click on the album Extranjero, Then click on the small audio, to listen to the music. please i will like to know what you think.
    VENTILADOR MUSIC - La página de las músicas de raíz
  • H Tola, Thank you for your kind comments. We seem to have quite a bit in common. Please contact me on

  • sounds good why dont you contact me on or contact my PA Ellen Bryant so we can organise a time to meet and chat on 07786 788 301 thank you so much for contacting me i look forward to meeting with you.
    kind regards
  • Hey Tola,
    It would be good to connect with u at some point you are a powerful representation.I would like to touch base with u.
  • Hi Tola,

    Thanks for accepting my request and I'm grateful to your husband as well. You could send me an address where you'd like to receive the magazine and I would send one to you immediately. You could email me on

    Hope to meet with you soon.
  • Hey Tola,

    I need you and your husband to help make the magazine I've just launched a success. Both of you are doing wonderful things in our community and you need to have your stories heard by others who may be inspired by your achievements. I look forward to working with you guys.
  • Thank you so much.Wow!!! you have done and are doing so much,I congratulate the unity in your family that assists you and supports and enhances your ventures..I salute you as a strong pillar and example.I look forward to meeting u oneday soon..
    Yinka Sonubi
  • Hi Tola,

    Thank you for the warm welcome. This community seems very positive and I look forward to meeting as many members as possible.

    Thank you and enjoy the Easter Break.

    God Bless!
This reply was deleted.

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