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MEDIA UNITED at is a developing BUC resource. Can you add to any of the following?

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  • Dear Ronke,
    I love your logo. Spot on, It's the type of design I would suggest to my clients. I am going to be at the YBW evnt. Look forward to seeing you there.
    Sola Akinfie
  • Hi Ronke,

    I just saw your event and i must say i'm pretty interested. As a young woman who was involved from domestic violence from a young age and i'm now writing in the hope to empower other women who are in similar situations or worse. Is there any way that i can become involved in the event?


  • Hey Ronke,
    I literally just found out about this forum and signed up immediately, I also just saw the ad looking for people for the
    Rhoda Wilson show.
    I know the cut off said 21st Jan but I think my discussion topics are highly relevant and just what everyone needs right now,
    I am sure you will see the email I just sent so I wont repeat it here but please get back to me.
    Many Thanks
This reply was deleted.

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