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MEDIA UNITED at is a developing BUC resource. Can you add to any of the following?


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  • Hi, have just joined BUC and am currently networking and raising the profile of the organisations event 'Black Youth Achievement Awards'
  • yeah makes sense...x
  • Mr G is doing the rounds. Give him my regards :-) Will hook up with you all soon.. we should do a roundtable brainstorm

    S Xx
    p.s the how, is to visit the website and sign in - takes 2 mins. . you can use same id as you use for this website.
  • Do you know, I actually voted you for my community role model when I joined this website last year. Didn't realise you knew Paulette :-) So out of site/sight but you weren't out of mind.

    S Xx
  • Hey Pete come and join my online community too, it is a social network for the black community. You'll find it at beautiful positive people from all around the world, sharing their skills to benefit each other, the way we should be doing as a community.

    Positive People with Skills Network -

    Sophia Xx
  • I'm in brooklyn!!!
  • but of course! working towards the juice personified :-)
  • I wanna see you.. Give me a date and I'm there

    S Xx
  • Pete, you been on my mind this week. Gutted you found me before me finding you but all is good. I have our radio interview on my site so will forward you the link shortly... You coming down to London on Tuesday for the event?

    SORRRY for my absence... Will talk

    S Xx
  • Hi Pete, thanks for the add...tell me more about your latest project.
This reply was deleted.

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