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  • Greetings Paulette, affirming this email finds you well. I am but a humble storyteller with a vision to share. Could I interest you in reading my recently written vision. If you have 5 minutes to journey into my imagination then please click on the link below.

    Give thanks divine chi energy

  • Hi Paulette,
    as mentioned per our brief discussion we have a number of funding /investment arrangements in place for worthwhile projects.. should you decide that you wish to take this further you have my number
  • Thank you for your friendship request.
  • Hi Pallette:
    My name is Weade Pauline Kobbah-WurehMathew Tarr asked that I contact you. I am assoc Professor of Mass communication at the Uniersity and an advocate of women's rights issues. I train women in leadership and help to assist in livelihood training in small scale industries. I would like to liaise with you on some possible projects in this regard.
    Liberia has a population of about 3.4 million with half of that population women. The illiterateacy rate is high and poverty is endemic.
    Do let me know aht your thinking is on this. My contact number is 231-642-4728 and email address is There is a lot of synergy we can galvanize to assist people.
  • Hi Paulette

    Many Thanks for the welcome, I look forward to connecting with you in the near future !


  • ok nice meeting u
  • Hello Paulette,

    I receive your hand of friendship with xcitement, and I look forward to life-enriching moments and interactions. I reckon I'm raised to 'raise a people of purpose and power.' I have a keen interest in Theology and philosophy ...other disiplines just don't satisfy. Have gone through your profile and can see we certainly have quite a lot in common and a lot to share. I hope to update my profile soon and also upload photos. I'm working on setting up a charity - my life's project- in Sierra Leone now. More on that later. Meantime,thank you for choosing me.

  • Thanks for the welcome. Great to be part of something so big and needed in this day and age. I look forward to engaging with like-minded people.
    I thank you for giving me the oppertunity to join this organisation. Look forward to networking and meeting many new people.
    Best wishes
  • Thanks for the welcome.
    The residential drug treatment service will open this year and I will keep all colleagues up do date with the progress. It is great to be part of like-minded people and I look forward to developing a healthy relationship.
    Take care and best wishes in all you do.
  • I Paulette, Thank you for accepting my membership. There are a few things that I am involved with at the moment, that I didn't state on the form. I am a Gospel/Soul artist and I also teach vocals. I am involved in a local Bible school for children and also a local nursury.
    I have Led Choirs both for colleges and schools. I am now on my third album. The first album, 'My God Mon Ami', was nominated for an award and that has opened the doors for me to work with some of Britain's top musicians. I am now working on a video project with Roger Eaton, who is a top film maker and fashion photographers. I look forward to networking with you.
    God bless
    Owen Deacon.
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