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A social entrepreneur, academic, pilot, managing director of The Safety Box Ltd and Focus Vue Ltd, teacher, and coach with an exemplary record in personal protection, having both national (10 years) and international (5 Years) teaching experience. Working alongside and learning from the world’s most renown martial art masters, teachers and experts in personal safety and conflict management such as; Grandmaster Ronald M. Yamanaka one of the world’s greatest martial arts teachers and Master F. Darren Smith 8th degree black belt. With over 20 years experience in martial arts, Nathaniel (who has achieved sensei status - (Japanese title meaning “honourable, accomplished teacher”) holds the rank of 4th Dan (degree) Black Belt in Karate and is a well respected international instructor and coach. His solid knowledge in authentic martial arts extends several disciplines including Karate, Ju-Jitsu and Kobudo (weapons). Currently the Vice President of Yudansha Kobu-jitsu Karatedoh Federation (United Kingdom), to date Peat Sensei has coached students up to National level helping them to achieve various national titles. In 1997 Nathaniel embarked on his journey with a BEng (hons) Degree in Mechanical Engineering with Aeronautics (Brunel University) he then went on to study for his Master of Science degree in Advanced Systems Engineering. During his years at university, Nathaniel’s personal interests encouraged his proactive involvement in several organisations including the African Caribbean Society (President, 1998-99), Brunel University Senate and Council Student Representative (1999-2000) and as a member of the Union of Brunel Students Parliament (1999-2000). As a highly acclaimed musician, Nathaniel has performed at many prestigious concerts worldwide and is constantly inundated with bookings for private functions. Following his membership of The Haringey Young Musicians Symphony Orchestra and the HYBB (1994-1997) Nathaniel decided to share his passion for playing music through one-to-one private tuition of the saxophone and violin respectfully. Following the success of his many ventures (thus far) Nathaniel continues to pursue his main dream of becoming a pilot. Back in 2003 he left the UK to study in America at the Delta Connection Academy Sanford, Florida where he obtained his FAA Pilot licenses. He later returned in 2005 and is currently at the final stage of his professional aviation training studying for the European JAA Airline Transport Pilots Licence. Equipped with the knowledge and skills of these disciplines, Nathaniel has been inspired to work with and for young people of all ages through mentorship, advice and counselling. Cognizant of the realities of their life and having a deep passion for their well being, safety, self growth and overall holistic development that he is doing through his organisation The Safety Box. Nathaniel’s focus is not only national but also international, based on the recognition that inner city problems are international in nature. For this reason he has developed strong consultative links with the Canadian Personal Protection Systems, founded by Ron M. Yamanaka. This work by The Safety Box has been recognised and commended by the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and The Rt. Hon Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling on the 14th November 2007. Prime Minister Gordon Brown stated: “...this is exceptional work and we look forward to the future developments from your organisation.” and Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling commented: “....I commend the work you are doing with our youth, well done” Always using superb communications and inspirational skills Nathaniel is able to work at all levels to achieve high standards of care and attention. This same level of care, attention and skill are the highlight of his training methods used for all Safety Box staff. This involves: • Experience of both strategic and practical hands on management. • Skilled negotiator and problem solver. • Excellent communication and motivation skills. • The ability to consistently deliver across a range of disciplines. • Flexible and conscientious. • An achiever able to guide and inspire others. • A hands-on practitioner who integrates realistic approaches to maximise the potential of individuals.

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  • Hey Nat,
    Hope all is well with you. Well done once again on the CWB event.
  • Hi Nat,

    Could you please contact me regarding Mondays event. I need to know the time you are available to speak as I'm putting together the order of events. You will have a 15 minute slot to talk about your journey, challenges, mindset, achievements, successes and top tips for the youngsters.

    My contact details 07792069448.



  • Oh well done hun, so very very proud of you .... I feel like I'm your second mum and your my son !!! Will definitely look out for it.

    Confirmed speakers so far are:

    David Mcqueen - Host
    Ansell Henry, The Apprentice
    Ken Barnes - CEO c-a-n-i and Ex President of 100 Black Men of London
    Nathan John - Entrepreneur
    Leroy Logan - Metropolitan Police
    Rodney Hinds - Sports & Features Editor, The Voice Newspaper
    Eddie Nestor - BBC Radio London
    Ife Akinsade - Ben TV
    Darryl Spencer - Entrepreneur.

    We have a host of entertainment including Duane Lamonte Ogarro - X Factor.

    I did have someone speak to Mark Prince and he was supposed to get back to me, if you have his details or speak to him, could you ask him to contact me 07792069448 re confirmation.

    Thanks Nat.

    Once again, congrats ... onwards and upwards for you.
  • Hey Nat,
    I know all would be great with you, so I'm not going to ask, can you let me know if you are free on Monday 17th November - I have a great event coming up with Make Your Mark and other media partners, and would like to invite you to be one of our speaker. I need to talk it through with you but unfortunately seem to have mislaid your number, my mobile is 07792069448.
    Please get in touch as soon as you can.
    Look forward to hearing from you
  • Hi Nat,
    Great to see you have joined BUC. Wow, I knew you were involved in lots of different initiatives, and am really inspired by your achievements and progress thus far, I know you are one of our pioneers that will be leading the way. I really wish to congratulate you and I 'Know' that you have only just begun ... how exciting is that.
    Please do make full use of the many resources available on this site to promote and showcase any events you may have coming up.
    We have only just started to let people know about this site, so if you could also 'spread the word' that would be great. You will be listed as one of our Community Champions/Leaders, Role Models and there will be a launch where you will be invited to come along to, with the other Community Champions. There will also be opportunities for community projects in parts of Africa.
    Could you also ask your friend Mark Prince to sign in, as we would like him also to be one of our Community Champions.
    Nat, have a wonderful and blessed day my friend.
    Stay connected and keep in touch.
    I know how busy you are.
  • Hello Nathaniel,
    Welcome to BUC. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and commend you on all your achievements and success to date. I would also encourage you to showcase any events you may want to profile, upload pictures, add blogs, network and connect with likeminded individuals.
    Once again glad to have you on board.
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