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MEDIA UNITED at is a developing BUC resource. Can you add to any of the following?

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  • Hi Lyrical Healer,

    I hope you are doing well? There is an event coming up on Saturday, 9th May for which I'd like to send you an official invitation as a Guest Artist. I'll check your website for your contact details.

    Just in case you missed last week's webinar titled "Habits That Make A Difference", I made a recording for you! Simply click here and you can listen to the entire session. Likewise, you can reserve your seat for the next FREE Webinar by clicking here. It shall be taking place this Thursday, 9-4-09 and the topic is "The Mindset of an Achiever". You can also choose the session time that best suits your schedule.

    I wish you continued success.

    Best Regards,

  • Hi Lyrical Healer
    Great and diverse work you are doing, would be great to chat some time

    Give Care
  • Dear Lyrical Healer,
    I'm not sure if you're a mother. However, I know that your words of healing have provided motherly covering for many. Therefore, I wish you a Happy Mothers Day! Enjoy the weekend.

  • Thanks for the add Healer... Glad to meet you via BUC and I am hoping that we'll share and grow together..Peace!!!

    Give love and care..
  • Hey Winsome,
    Sorry its taken so long to contact you, things have been pretty manic ... Many thanks for agreeing to come out and support The Black Girls In Business Event on Monday, you were brilliant -- as Tameka says 'The New Jill Scott'.
    Well done .. and I look forward to further connecting with you.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
  • Hey what's up good to connect :0)

    Walk Good

  • Lyrical Healer,
    Just to show how much of an impact you made at the Black Girls in Business event, let me remind you of the 1st words you said "All you women in business are anointed and walking in favour!" Winsome, God's favour has located you. The stage has been set and the table has been prepared. The world is going to be impacted by your gift. Very soon, the world will be your audience and all will gather just to listen to the words of wisdom and healing that proceed from your lips. I am very happy for you. Please keep on flying. You will soar to immeasurable heights. The sky is not the limit. You are limitless!
  • Hi Lyrical Healer,
    Welcome to BUC. Many thanks for accepting my invitation to join this site. Wow, congratulations on all your achievements so far. I

    Hi Lyrical Healer,
    Welcome to BUC. Many thanks for accepting my invitation to join this site and big congratulations on everything you have achieved so far.
    BUC will be holding an event 'Black Girls In Business' on Monday 9th March @ The Bernie Grant Arts Centre in Tottenham. The flyer will be coming out next week, it would be great if you were free to come along so we can meet. Please do use this site to upload pictures, videos, blogs, create discussions, add your poetry, events, network and make friends with likeminded individuals.
    I look forward to further connecting with you.
    Have a wonderful and blessed day.
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