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MEDIA UNITED at is a developing BUC resource. Can you add to any of the following?

I am a community worker passionate about the welfare of the Youths in various communities.

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  • Hi Godwin,
    Thanks for the friend add. I do a youth radio show every week. Let me know what you like to talk about.
  • Hi Godwin,

    Most definitely just keep me updated with what you have in mind.

    Pilar x
  • hi Godwin. You planning to add to your profile any time soon?
  • Hello Odusami.
    your profile is wonderfull. how are you doing?. please lets stay in contact.
  • i am looking forward to getting to know alot of people through this site, i am not good with the social networking but I think that this is a really good site so i will make the best of it!
  • Like yourself, I feel a sense of purpose and fulfilment when I help others. Getting involved in the community is a great feeling and a sense of belonging when you are part of a cause or movement that you are passionate about. Helping others is why I am on this earth.
    Have a great week and lets catch up when it is mutually beneficial.
    I am holding an event on Monday 9th March - Black Girls in Business - at The Bernie Grant Arts Centre in Tottenham, more information coming soon. It would be great if you were available to attend, so we could touch base.
    Have a great week.
  • Hey Godwin,
    Great pics!
  • Hi Godwin,
    Welcome to BUC. I am very happy to have your presence here on this site. Please feel free to upload pictures, videos, create discussions, make friends and network with likeminded individuals.
    Looking forward to connecting more with you.
    Have a wonderful day.
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