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My name is David McQueen. If I was to sum up what I am known best for is helping people to leverage themselves for career success. As a professional speaker, faciliator and coach I work with young people in schools and colleges. I also coach and train adults who wish to improve their presentation skills, find work, get promotions or develop their own business. From using traditional methods to embracing social media tools my focus is to get people to enjoy their career journeys. I find the best way to do that is also be authentic in the way I run my business and manage my own career which to be frank has been exciting but filled with its own challenges. On a personal level I am happily married with two energetic, creative and sometimes challenging daughters. I love music, poetry, philosophy and the way people interact across different cultures. I am a firm believer that our careers are intrinsically linked to our happiness and contentment, and as they take up so much of our personal time why not work on getting it right.