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Daniel “Focus” Lister is an award winning, dynamic and inspiring speaker, author, coach, mentor, entrepreneur and all-round business-man. He uses his life experiences, business experiences and the information he has learnt over the years to empower lives and teach people around the globe the skills and secrets to achieving success. He has just finished co-authoring “Multiple Streams of Inspiration Vol.2” with the likes of Les Brown (voted top 5 speaker in the world and winner of the National Speakers Associations highest accolade the Golden Gavel Award) and Ellie Drake (Owner Of The Largest Online Female Entrepreneurial Community In The World) just to name a few. The book is a collection of some of the sharpest minds of our time. In it Daniel tells of how coming face to face with near death taught him principals of success that stay with him to this day, and how others can learn and be inspired by his experience. Daniel started speaking as a young teen throughout the UK with community and charity groups. His passion and thirst for knowledge made him a centre of influence for people to come and find out information, which lead to him teaching seminars to people of all ages from the very young, to people his grandmothers age. Now he travels the UK speaking, coaching and training companies, organisations, schools and individuals to Think, Act and Attract success through his seminars and workshops. Daniel is also a mentor for the charity award winning, Eastside Young Leaders Academy, who exists to nurture and develop the leadership potential of young males, empowering them to become the next generation of successful leaders. “From a young age I always set my goals high, I remember telling my mother that I was always going to go to University, and after completing my National Diploma I finally got the chance, but I found out it was not the life for me. I was there for 3 months, then after being told by my tutor that I wouldn’t learn anything new I felt my time and their money could be better spent. It was during this time that I started volunteering for charity and community groups and learned that I had a talent for speaking and teaching, and ultimately sharpened the speaking tools I use today. I continued to study and educate myself in various fields as well as taking jobs from cleaner to sales assistant. I had this one job for 5 hours a day, 1 day a week, 5 minutes from my house, they even made an error on my pay check paying me 3 times more than I was supposed to get, and I still hated the job! It was at that point I discovered that the 9-5 life style wasn’t for me. I decided to start my own company, found a business advisor and spent a whole year, day in day out in front of my computer researching, reading and writing my business plan and developing my company. After a long hard year of no going out I was finally ready to get funding for my business, but nobody had told me gaining funding is a business in itself! I struggled to get any funding and my business never got off the ground. But there is a saying “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear” and I must have been ready. It was at that point I got introduced to a circle of people, whom I now call friends that lead me to the position I’m in now. My journey showed me where a lot of people go wrong on the journey to success, and if it wasn’t for those around me I may have taken the wrong path. Imagine the amount of dreams and good ideas that are lost not only to the individuals, but also from the human race as a whole just because they weren’t shown the correct way to achieve them, so I decided to do something about it. I speak to all demographics but my passion is speaking to young people, I feel that’s where my talents are needed most right now especially with all the killing and gang culture going on recently. Young people have so much creative talent and entrepreneurial spirit, but it’s usually Focused in the wrong direction towards crime and drugs as a way to make money and be successful. You see it in the resourceful and creative ways they enterprise through selling CDs and selling drugs, and in the latter they risk losing their freedom, their family connection and even their life just to be successful, the most people risk losing in conventional business is their house. If we could show them a better system, and show them how to apply the same passion to conventional business, and get them to redirect their energies into a positive direction I believe they will go clear, and we will save and transform lives, as Jay-Z said "Ain't nuthin' wrong with their aim, just gotta change the target".” Daniel is set to become a big name and icon not only in the speaking and personal development industry, but in popular culture overall.

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  • Good to see you yesterday Daniel and no doubt we'll meet again.
  • HI Daniel,

    How are you I interviewed you at the Black Boys In Business event, if your down on Monday, we can catch up.
  • Cheers daniel,i will check the book out. Keep in touch and add me to your friends list. James
  • Keep up the good work, you shall be rewarded in ways you know how ,but the door shall open up.Give me a shout james lescott
  • Hey Daniel,
    2009 and I am trying to find balance and am failing miserably. I am aware that we need to schedule in a meeting.
    Let me know when is convenient ... I am at the West Indian Cultural Centre in Hornsey tomorrow and Friday.
  • Hi Daniel,

    Hope you are well. Please do let me have your phone number so I can contact you as I have a great proposal to put to you.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

  • Hi Daniel,
    Apologies for not getting back to you, I have been in meetings after meetings.
    My PA Naomi will contact you to set up a meeting.
    I have got a few things I'd like to discuss, that I think you will be interested in.
    God bless
  • Hi Daniel,
    Welcome to Building United Communities. I cannot believe we have not met before. Not sure if you are aware, but BUC are putting on an event called 'Black Boys in Business' with 12 inspirational, motivational, positive black male role model speakers on Monday 17th November at The Bernie Grant Arts Centre in Tottenham in celebration of Enterprise Week.
    If you require further information or opportunities for speaking engagements please contact me on 07792069448.
    Levi Roots, Leroy Logan MBE, Nathaniel Peat, Rodney Hinds, Eddie Nestor, Ansell Henry, Nathan John, Ronald Cummings John, Ken Barnes, Mark Prince and David Neita are all speakers with David McQueen hosting the event.
    Stay blessed
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