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The creator of Live Listings Today - London’s first multicultural and cosmopolitan listings magazine (the ‘alternative Time Out’) - Black Heritage Today – regarded as the best Black History Month magazine in the UK - and The Official Guide to International Women’s Month (IWM) magazine, all of which are distributed nationwide. Barbara Campbell is the CEO of Barb Wire Enterprises Ltd. After identifying the huge gap in the market for people of varied nationalities to learn of events happening in their own backyards, she launched Live Listings Magazine in 2000 in both hard copy and online. Her second publication, Black Heritage Today – the BEST Black History Month magazine in the UK - started life in 1999, was in Live Listings in 2000 and was launched as a stand-alone magazine in its own right in October 2003 at City Hall with the support (endorsement) of the Mayor of London. The Official Guide to International Women's Month (magazine) is the first and only one of its kind. Women of all nationalities and backgrounds are represented in the IWM publication, from those who are at the top of their field to those who look up to them for inspiration as they are just beginning. The magazine boosts these women in ways that leave them in no doubt that women are powerful and a force to be reckoned with. Full of ideas, she is innovative and likes to produce publications that are not already on the market. A former board member of the NUJ's Black Members’ Council and judge for many calendar events, Barbara believes in working within the community as well as beyond. She regularly lectures at colleges and universities on the topic of print journalism and has worked with SASS and the From Boyhood to Manhood Foundation, where she mentors children aged fourteen plus. She regularly works with teenagers during their schools’ Enterprise Day, where she teaches them about her profession, resulting in them producing a publication within one day. This has led to schools beginning their own magazines. For the past three years, she has been and still is an official mentor for the CAN-I organisation, which annually celebrates young people and match them up with mentors already in the industry they too wish to excel in. Diversifying somewhat, Barbara has been a correspondent/presenter on BEN Television (2004) and her most recent post was that of a contributing-weekly presenter on New Style Radio based in Birmingham. She recently concluded a documentary, 'Make Your Mark', in which she was interviewed speaking about her work. It is due to be screened on the BBC in February and will be seen on Sky TV on 7th March, speaking of the need for International Women's Month. In addition to Barb Wire is Barbara Campbell Inc, offers contract publishing to a variety of organisations and individuals including the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), BHM Luton, the Churches’ Commission for Racial Justice (CCRJ), Asia & Beyond Magazine and the Real Estate & Investment Guide.

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  • Hi Babs,
    How ya doing?
    Lost my phone, could you let me know your number asap, I need to contact you about something urgently.
  • A poem - By Don Da Mic (that's me)

    It got so silly
    He was touching me and I was daydreaming about babies
    With my eyes, and his lips
    HIs sensitivity and my Kindness
    And them swinging on hips as we take trips to sea, sides
    Seeing which sides they favoured
    Mama, papa, sweet memories savoured
    In precious moments, snapped like kodak
    Prints forever remembered in memory banks
    As we smile and look back
    As we cherish our childhood again as we look at them
    And we say
    Where we ever that excited, happy and carefree
    And then he'd look into my eyes and see the reflection of his love
    Shining brightly
    No words necessary - Just
    Comfortable silence, free to just BE
    And then he tapped me and slapped me back into reality
    Said he wasn't satisfied, was never gonna marry me
    Well not in so m any words... But
    He said he preferred - commitment free
    Because he wasn't ready to deal with
    My feelings or his
    Asked me to forgive him of his sins
    And I did, But i couldn't forgive myself
    Because everytime we were together
    I wondered if he was with someone else
    That touched his soul the way I did
    That caused distractions the way
    My thighs did
    If he looked at her breasts with the same interest
    Or worse
    Did they converse to the same depths
    Did he treat her with more or less respect
    Did they have sex, make love or just pet
    Vivid images hard to forget
    So i held back
    For fear of the attach I was sure to come
    Believed that he could have been the one
    But he said he just wanted jaded fun
    So i succumbed to the temptation
    For fear of losing his interest
    To chicks that dressed less
    Or sisters with more intellect
    My self respect was low
    But instead of saying NO
    I said let's go
    I'll race you to the finish line
    Convinced myself that he was mine
    Trying not to remember my dilema
    Comforting myself with his words,
    Like how he said he'd hold me forever
    I'd wake up from this sick dream
    Trying to make out what he did mean
    He wanted a down ass bitch
    And I Just wanted to be his queen....

    (c) 2004
  • You are such a bright woman. Love your profile.
  • You are an inspiration!
  • Hi Barbara,
    I had a glimpse at your IWM magazine and I must say the little that I saw was amazing. You are doing a great job and I can't wait to go through the magazine fully.
    Keep up the good work.

    Stay blessed
  • Congratulations Barbara! Delighted to hear about the success of Girls in Business event.

    Best wishes,

  • Hi Barbara,
    I am available on Thursday ... unfortunately I've had to book Wednesday for something else. Let me know what time suits and if this is still convenient. Also let me know about the profile, I know it needs amending.
  • Hi Barbara,
    Welcome to BUC. I am very happy to have your presence here on this site. Please do make full use of all available resources to upload pictures, videos, blogs, add events, create discussions (I see you've already started), network and make friends with like minded individuals.
    I will send my bio to you as soon as (is there a deadline date)?
    I can meet up with you on 12th Feb which is a Thursday, as I confirmed the Wednesday with someone else yesterday.
    I hope this is Ok.
    Let me know.
    Have a blessed day and I will speak to you sometime later.
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