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Our Ethos
We go direct to the source in Africa and the Caribbean where the sun has ripened the produce and the soil is rich and fertile as a result. Sliverstone can confirm the authenticity of their food products. Silverstone charter

NO under nutritious produce from depleted soil
NO irradiation of produce
YES to food combining and mono eating
YES to promote sun dried produce, this locks in the nutrition and increases the nutritional value as the water has been taken out
YES to promote investing in the local community
YES to priding ourselves on the using these plants, they are able to grow and sustain themselves under minimum conditions, their fruits are healthy and nutritious.
WE promote the eating of food of all colours
Green – Chlorophyll – energises rejuvenates cell
Gold – minerals – building blocks
Red – maintains the body
White – provides balance of nutrition to the body
Black – contains copious amounts of protein and iron All with vital vitamins, minerals and fibre

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