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1. Learn about Assets

2. Know how to efficiently protect your assets

3. Save Inheritance tax payment

4. Know how to avoid family disagreement in Assets distribution

5. Ensure your assets benefits people you really care about

6. How does Asset Protection benefits you, your business, career and relationship.


- African and African Diaspora Entrepreneurs & Business owners who want to prosper

- People who want to become millionaires and powerful

- People who do want to use the traditional African principles of ubuntu and do not subscribe to dog eat dog and everything goes western capitalism paradigm

- Career minded professionals

- Community leaders

- People building a business model which will live the test of time

- People who wanted to do business but at the same time help others by providing the necessary customer care

- Business studies tutors and students


- What is Assets?

- Types of Assets?

- Why Protecting your Assets?

- Myths surrounding Asset Protection

- Asset Protection Tools

- Inheritance Tax and how to stop paying it

- Consequences of not protecting your assets



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