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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

about the State of the African Diaspora

What is the African Diaspora ?

It is a group of more than 350 millions inhabitants in the world. Some of them left Africa a few years ago as migrants, others left the continent as slaves as they were deported several centuries ago. All are people of African descent, living in Brazil, Jamaica, United States, France, India, etc. It is the third population in the world, after China and India, before United States and Indonesia.

What is the State of the African Diaspora ?

The State of the African Diaspora is an entity that has one goal : to reinforce Africa through the Diaspora, and the Diaspora through Africa.

How is the State structured ?

The State has a Constitution, a Government, many Ambassadors, a Parliament with members in all the regions of the world. Above all, the State of the African Diaspora has more than 40 programs of action in economy, agriculture, infrastructure, education, employment, culture, health, sports, etc.

When was it launched, and where ?

It was launched during the Summit of the African Union, in 2018, in Mauritania.

What is the link with the African Union ?

In 2014, the elected President of the African Union gave a mandate to Dr Louis-Georges Tin, chairperson of the French Black Organisation (CRAN), to create a structure for the African Diaspora.  This is the reason why he created the State of the African Diaspora.

Is it Panafrican ?

Definitely !

How can it be a State without any territory ?

In the 1990, the leaders of the Kodak company were saying digital photos are not real photos. There was a whole debate. Today, there is no debate : Kodak is dead. Also, in the 1990, some people would say newspapers online are not newspapers, because there is no paper. Today, it would seem inappropriate to say so. In the past, to have a territory was essential to create a State. But today, everybody is online, there are tourists, migrants, travellers everywhere. We need to challenge the conservative notion of a State accordingly with modern realities. We are a State beyond walls and without borders.

What can you bring to Africa ?

All the energy and spirit of the African Diaspora, and its committment to Africa.

What can you bring, more precisely, when it comes to infrastructure ?

For example, the State has signed an MOU with India and Japan to create a corridor in Eastern Africa with several African countries, which is basically a railway, with thousands of farms and smart cities. That will bring development to all the region.

What can you bring when it comes to agriculture ?

With our partners, we are creating the West African Commodity Exchange. It is based in Western African, we have more than 6 million members in more than 17 countries in the region. Often, people grow food in Africa, but prices are decided out of Africa. With this commodity exchange, the farmers will be able to fix the prices themselves.

What can you bring when it comes to culture ?

After our lobbying efforts, a resolution was voted in the European Union. The Parliament is asking all the European states to make policies on restitution and reparations connected to colonisation and slavery. We are now discussing with the Commissioner of Culture to implement this decision. All the countries which would wish to restore their legacy can contact us on


What can you bring when it comes to business ?

We are about to launch a Chamber of commerce. We have partners in Benin, Morocco, Nigeria, Congo, Denmark, United States, India, Dubaï, etc. All this will stimulate trade and business on the continent and in the African Diaspora.

What can you bring to the Youth ?

We are invited to the World Youth Summit in Ghana, April 2020, we will launch the Panafrican Agency for Internships, to help young people to find internships. Because of their colour or their lack of network, many young people of African descent do not get any internship, then they get no diploma, no job and no future. Also, with our partners, we will launch 12,500 scholarships for Panafrican students, especially to promote business education and fight against poverty.

How much money does the Diaspora as a whole bring to Africa ?

Every year, the Diaspora sends to the continent more than 65 billion dollars. That represents 13.5% of the budget of Senegal, 17.5% for Lesotho, 20% for Gambia, 29% for Liberia, etc. That is twice as much as the so-called international aid. But it could be even more, and more efficient, if there was more coordination between Africa and the Diaspora. To create more coordination and more strength is our very mission.