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The political, economic and cultural importance of this Diaspora is increasingly recognized. It contributes greatly to the development of Africa. That is why the African Union wanted the Diaspora officially part of its proceedings. In 2003, at the end of the AU Summit, the Heads of State declared (14 (XVIII) add.3): “The African Union (…) decides to recognize the African diaspora as a effective entity contributing to the economic and social development of the continent. But so far, the diaspora had no institutional reality. In December 2014, Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, President-in-Office of the African Union, gave a mandate to Louis-Georges Tin, president of CRAN, to “give body” to the 6th Region, and to make the diaspora de facto a structure de jure.

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About the State of African Diaspora


The State of the African Diaspora is composed of several institutions.

  • The first is the State Government of the African Diaspora, led by the Prime Minister, His Excellency Dr. Louis-Georges Tin. This Government was presented at the African Union Summit in July 2018. The first Council of Ministers and inauguration was held in Abidjan in November 2018.
  • The second institution is the Parliament. It will notably represent the regions of the diaspora.

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