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Simple Tip: Where to Go to Configure Social Media Subscribe Follow Buttons

One of the all time most frequently asked questions is where to go to configure your social media share buttons.  Here are the quick links for you..   To get the code for your Facebook Page Plugin go here.   To get the code for your Twitter Timeline go here.   To get a Youtube Subscribe button go here   To get a Linkedin Follow Button go here.     For RSS Feeds go here to read about how to configure widgets after you get a RSS Ground Account.       Related Posts for RSS Feeds in Your Ning…

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Incredible Tool for Managing RSS Feeds / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

Most of you who know me already realize that I LOVE RSS!  I love to use RSS feeds for both finding news as well as distributing news from my communities into social media environments.  This new tool that I found absolutely rocks when it comes to pushing and pulling information in and out of my communities.  It is called RSSGround and it blows the doors off of most of its competition simply by being far more robust and supported.    Best of all, it is free to try!  (I will tell you that they…

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Youtube Channel Import

Black Links celebrates its 20yr anniversary going Global
Funding proposal for BAGLA HILLS - Dr Momodu Conteh
Collaboration Meeting ( 1 of 2) on 9 02 2022
Update of funding/financing for BANGLA HILLS PROJECT
BLG Customer Care Club - Where shoppers get treated with care, discounts & gratuities
Black Links Global Connections Presentation
Affiliate workflow

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