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Consumers and Community Group


Our membership is open to any and all people who pay the membership FEE.  Exemption is given to Black Links Discount & Gratuity Card Members.


Benefits to Consumers

This Group is for consumers and community members who want to combine their buying power to get better deals from shops and other suppliers. By buying from participating suppliers of products, services and events you can get discounts on prices, saving money. By joining together and buying as one, purchases of specific products and services or participation in promotions and events can be arranged and agreed with discounts and/or additional benefits being negotiated. 


Benefits to Community members

We seek initiatives that benefit the community. Because this covers a wide array of circumstances we have to be selective and look to support national and international initiatives with the resources we have available. This does not discount local issues. Local issues which can be undertaken given the chances of success are high. 


How it works

We utilise the resources available through the Black Links Global -Network of Resources and Revenue . This is in conjunction with the resources our members bring to the group and those that we arrange. We as a Group seek opportunities and initiatives for our consumers and community members. We welcome any and all suggestions that members put forward and will respond to the Submission Forms received and welcome meaningful and constructive comments that are in the best interests of the Group, its members and the greater consumers and community at large. 



Table of Initiatives and Opportunities




Initiatives and Opportunities

Products, Services, Events or Promotions




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Consumers and Community – Suppliers & Providers




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