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Mission and Purpose

WTU is committed to working with Governments, Organisations and Individuals to ensure that their resources are developed and used for the betterment of the quality of life of the community, first and foremost, and to assist in community building, development socially, financially and technically, and the maintenance of peace and security.

We believe that the exercise of corporate social responsibility (CSR) by corporate bodies, foreign and national, is principally an acknowledgment and demonstration of the need to marry social investment, the building of social capital, the alleviation of poverty and the promotion of social inclusion with economic development and wealth creation.

CSR is integral to the way corporate bodies function in the country in that it enables them to:

· Conduct their operations in a manner that preserves the eco-system and engages local people as beneficiaries of their country’s natural resource and stakeholders in the development of their communities

· Involve those communities in the formulation and implementation of policies on the relief of poverty, on environmental protection and on working collaboratively with the corporate sector and with local and national government for social and economic development

· Involve those communities in the planning, implementation and evaluation of their Corporate Social Responsibility and social investment programmes

We see CSR as an investment in peace and security, an investment that results in peace dividends from which corporate bodies themselves gain, as do local communities and local and national government, the country as a whole, as well as regional stakeholders. If, through CSR, corporate bodies could help ensure that peace and tranquillity are sustained, local and national government could then devote more of their resources to nation building, to expanding the provision of economic and social infrastructure and, above all, to accelerate the relief of poverty and the building of systems for the exercise of democratic citizenship.

We take the view that, working in partnership, corporate bodies, local and central government, civil society organisations and local communities could establish mechanisms for decision making and accountability in respect of the exercise of CSR by corporate organisations trading in the country’s natural resources, and for evaluating the impact of the application of CSR investment in local communities.

We therefore work in partnership with nation states and with corporate bodies by providing the following services:

Scoping Studies

· Gathering baseline data to assist priority setting and planning of service functions and delivery

· Mapping of natural resources

· Skills audit and assessment of human resource capacity and skills gaps

· Assessment of the contribution of schooling and education to the development of democratic citizenship, to nation building, to meeting labour market needs, to economic and social development and to building social and cultural capital

· Assessment of the means by which the voices and aspirations of youth in civil society could be expressed and incorporated into decision making and public discourse

· Assessing potential for infrastructural development and economic growth by utilising government resources and a local workforce

· Assessing the need for foreign inward investment and the contribution that might make to workforce development, economic growth and social advancement

· Exploring the feasibility of sourcing foreign investors

· Examining performance in meeting the Millennium Development Goals, particularly in relation to health, schooling and education and youth development

Better Governance

· Capacity Building for government ministries (ministers and civil servants)

· Leadership Development and in particular Executive Coaching for Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ministers, Permanent Secretaries

· Defining Strategic Priorities and Core Values

· Corporate and Local Development Planning

· Promoting joined up government and more effective collaboration between ministries

· Financial probity (financial management and information systems, audit, transparency of budgets and their application

· Project evaluation

· Impact assessment

· Transparency and accountability (including strategies for communication and consultation with stakeholders)

Social Investment and CSR

· Supporting foreign corporations and local businesses in defining their CSR commitment

· Supporting them in working with local people in planning their social investment to deliver that commitment

· Supporting governments in ensuring that the application of national financial resources promotes sustainability, adds value to the lives of communities and assists them in finding a balance with the natural environment

· Focusing on sustainability and on measures (workforce development, planning, economic investment, facilitating entrepreneurship, democratic decision making) to ensure sustainability

· Transparency and accountability

· Building Social and Cultural Capital

Communities of Interest

· Defining communities of interest and identifying conflicting interests

· Identifying barriers to building from the base and involving local communities in decision making about prioritising needs and applying resources to meet those needs

Promoting Partnership and Collaboration

· Between groups with competing interests in communities

· Between corporations and local communities in planning, implementing and evaluating CSR

· Between the corporations and local/national government

· Between local government and the communities

Our Approach

Working in partnership with Governments, Corporate Bodies and Communities means that while our operation is informed by the above principles, we see each situation and its individual characteristics as specific and support Governments, Corporate Bodies and Communities in finding local solutions, while taking cognisance of the fact that they are operating in a global context.

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