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Why Past Life Regression Therapy is the answer to the Black Businesswoman getting ahead successfully

✍✍✍When your Postcard From The Past shows up and taps you on the shoulder what do you usually do?🤔🤔🤔 A. Disregard it and keep walking. B. Disbelieve it and have another glass of wine. C. Tear it up and throw it away in the fire. D. Consider it.

Past Life Regression can really help women whose ancestry is from the old country.  Why should the folly of a dubious ancestor continue to set you back with mishaps in this life of yours, whilst you are building a successful career and business? Why should a bad set of thoughts + words from a disgruntled family acquaintance plague the successes coming your way?  Why should an error you made in a past life keep coming back to haunt you in this life and stop your flow of happiness and wealth? So on and so forth... 

So when a postcard from the past shows up in your 'here and now' situation / issue what are you doing about it to halt the 'bad luck', the 'misfortune', the 'tripping yourself up', the irrational aspects of your life when you have worked so long and hard to achieve things in your life.

Past Life Regression WORKS!

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