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BUC Ambassadors

Our BUC Ambassador is Ms. Paulette West M.B.E.

Main Objectives

Promotes goodwill and develops resources for the Community Centres, Affiliates, and Organisations who are members of Building United Communities: Develops list of prospective team members and participants from such sources as recommendations, news, current information, and activities. Visits agents and agencies in the UK and Worldwide to promote and support BUC activities, and other prospects to explain, present and deliver the BUC message. Usually to award rewards of monies, products or services. Prepares reports of services rendered and visits made for BUC and member organisations. May solicit new organization membership. May explain community services available. May organize events.

Participation in the Organisational Structure.

The Ambassador will oversee the Operations of BUC and its various committees to focus on brand building and volume driving activities for achieving the BUC Aims and Objectives

The BUC Ambassador Campaign

is borne out of the creation of BUC. It aims to impact on creating social change in the national and international community and businesses that service them. It is an inspirational and ambitious campaign, backed by an unprecedented coalition of businesses, charities, organisations and government – it’s unique in being community focused and business-led.

Main Duties & Responsibilities

Engage the Public through Business and Community Opportunities. Appear at presentations before various groups, preferably on a quarterly basis, about the issues facing the community and the business that service them. Seek speaking opportunities in your community. Qualifications: familiar with the issues, articulate, able to take initiative · Mobilize Advocacy. To speak up for the rights of the community. Advocacy on local issues is encouraged and supported by BUC directorship and dependent on the initiative of the local community. Qualifications: able to organize, encourage and networking ·


Represent BUC at agreed-upon conferences and conventions using BUC displays and materials. Qualifications: able to initiate many conversations, able to organise display materials, knowledgeable of the general ministry of BUC ·


Assist BUC with the placement of articles, letters and other communications pieces to the media.


Assist in the placement of Patrons, Sponsors and members of the BUC Committee heads and supporters, contributors and members of the organisation overall. Qualifications: able to identify, recruit and appraise individuals based on suitability for the role.

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