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WTU wishes to thank its members and give recognition to your contribution to driving social change and bringing success to the heart of the community,

WTU recognises the Business Leaders,Entrepreneurs, Community Champions and Role Models of the black community. The men and women of merit are our unsung heroes and heroines who deserve the recognition for who they are and what they do unconditionally. Their acts may come at a cost and against obstacles that we may only guess.

WTU members have a dynamic presence and the ability to make things happen. The impact they have on the community is seen as a David vs Goliath event requiring the patience of turning a tanker around. Members are often consulted and contracted to participate in projects and programs where they are needed. This may be Community, Corporate or Government initiatives both public and private, UK and abroad.

WTU has STRATEGIC PARTNER organisations that allow members to benefit in a variety of ways. 

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