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About We The United Community





Why “CAUSE” exists?
The WTU members consists of business leaders, entrepreneurs,community champions and role models of the community. Throughsimple but effective collaboration, partnerships and unification it hasbeen possible to create an array of resources under PARTNERS. This has provided the basis for the coming together of members to now pool their resources in an even more effective way and build and support the
elements of CAUSE.
CAUSE will allow for the following:
1-Pooling of resources across industry sectors with CONSORTIUMS
coming into existence to impact on their sector i.e. Black Hair and
Beauty, Super Foods, Building, Property
2-Where people need representation i.e. Radio DJ’s, Skilled
Practitioners, etc an ASSOCIATION can be convened.
3- Where UNIONS already exist or are needed this platform allows for
their presence under the umbrella of resources that can help build and
support the initiative behind the cause.

4-There has been many a SOCIETY that has been instrumental in
directing the path of humanity. This platform will help nurture this
effective means of informing and effecting direction.
5- ENTERPRISE provides an all encompassing title for those institutions
and foundations that are not covered by the above but still can be
incorporated within the dynamic and powerful platform of resources
that exists.

Choose your Industry, Social or Community or other Sector and give your
CAUSE a name. Invite one other person to join you and you now have the
minimum requirements to convene a CAUSE. Go to REGISTRATION to
complete the process.

Your CAUSE will receive the following:
1. A fully functional platform to manage and engage with members,
2. An accounting and auditing service with banking operations,
3. Access to commercial legal services,
4. Bespoke support services tailor-made to help you build and
operationalize your cause.
For long-term growth, prosperity and positioning for amalgamations, mergers
and acquisition this platform is positioning you to take on bigger and better
contracts, contacts and considerations.
This is a unique platform where marketing, advertising and promoting is being
done for your benefit and new members are introduced to you and your cause
as a result of our campaigns.
Being a part of a CAUSE is the best way to get the optimum benefit of your
involvement. By joining forces with other for a common goal is known to

multiply the results that individually could not be achieved in a more effective
Work in collaboration with colleagues and combine contacts, knowledge and
experience to benefit from your economies of scale.
Whatever your sector of industry we are positioned to HELP.

REGISTER NOW and get started.